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Global Change Readiness Index
Entrepreneurship, technology and economic openness could help offset Brexit vulnerabilities...
Women in the Boardroom
Deloitte finds gender diversity on global boards doubled in organisations with female leadership...
Women Unbound: Unleashing Female Entrepreneurial Potential
New report shows that while more men use seed crowdfunding than women, women are more successful in reaching their finance goals than men in all sectors and geographic regions across the globe...
Five Digital Trends and their Likely Impact on the Healthcare Industry
Health organizations must embrace digital advancements to scale health expertise and empower customer experiences...

Ten Strategic Technology Trends for Government
Technologies that enable new service models for digital government must be at the top of the list for government organizations as they prioritize technology investments...


The Robots are Coming: Are CEOs Ready for the Era of Automation?
CEOs agree that robotics is going to make their companies more efficient, with 94% of those who've already adopted robotics saying that it's increased productivity in their business...


The 2015 Chief Digital Officer Study
More companies are appointing a Chief Digital Officer to join their C-suite - but are they doing it quickly enough?...


18th Annual Global CEO Survey
The United States has overtaken China as top target for growth for the first time in five years...

30 June 2017 | ITSM
Global Top 100 Companies Ranking Reach Record $17.4 trillion
The US extends its leading position in PwC's Global Top 100 companies ranking while Europe continues to decline.......
29 June 2017 | ITSM
Power Up - The UK Workplace
UK remains highly attractive to overseas workers but could face skills crunch.......
28 June 2017 | ITSM
Financial Services Change Survey 2017
Majority of financial institutions to ramp up 'Change Programs' over the next year to reduce costs, enhance customer experience and support digital innovation.......
27 June 2017 | ITSM
How Artificial Intelligence Can Drive China's Growth
Artificial intelligence poised to accelerate China's annual growth rate from 6.3 percent to 7.9 percent by 2035.......
23 June 2017 | ITSM
Think Like a Start-Up: How to Grow in a Disruptive Market
Consumer trust and loyalty are top of mind for consumer and retail executives globally.......
22 June 2017 | ITSM
Supply Chain Management Market Will Exceed $13 Billion in 2017, Up 11 Percent from 2016
Technology strategic planners for software providers should expect the global supply chain management software market to grow about 10% annually through 2021.......
21 June 2017 | ITSM
Chief Digital Officer Study
One of the most daunting challenges for any digital leader is how to develop new digital applications at the same time as they're dealing with legacy IT systems that have been vital to a company's operation for years.......
20 June 2017 | ITSM
Top 100 Vendors in IT
Gartner has unveiled the top global 100 vendors in IT in 2016 based on their revenue across IT (excluding communication services) and component market segments.......
19 June 2017 | ITSM
Global Economy Watch
Economic uncertainty levels have hit an all-time high.......
16 June 2017 | ITSM
Operational and Reputational Risk Top CEOs' Worry List
Reputational risk has risen to the top of CEOs' agendas as public scrutiny of business intensifies, according to the findings of a new survey.......
15 June 2017 | ITSM
2017 Cool Vendors That Can Help Keep Pace With Digital Innovation
Gartner's 2017 Cool Vendors research examines disruptive vendors that are helping companies to solve long-established problems and stay ahead of the competition in a rapidly changing world.......
14 June 2017 | ITSM
Top Technologies for Information Security in 2017
Security and risk leaders must evaluate and engage with the latest technologies to protect against advanced attacks.......
13 June 2017 | ITSM
Innovation Benchmark Report
54% of companies struggle to align innovation and business strategy.......
12 June 2017 | ITSM
Five Digital Trends and their Likely Impact on the Healthcare Industry
Health organizations must embrace digital advancements to scale health expertise and empower customer experiences.......
9 June 2017 | ITSM
Influencing Risk and Risk Culture
Deriving value from adopting risk management practices in the charity sector.......
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