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Global Entertainment and Media Outlook 2017-2021
Emerging entertainment and media segments show the importance of user experience...
Women in the Boardroom
Deloitte finds gender diversity on global boards doubled in organisations with female leadership...
Women Unbound: Unleashing Female Entrepreneurial Potential
New report shows that while more men use seed crowdfunding than women, women are more successful in reaching their finance goals than men in all sectors and geographic regions across the globe...
Workforce of the Future
Workers facing up to completely retraining or reskilling to tackle technology's impact on employment...

Ten Strategic Technology Trends for Government
Technologies that enable new service models for digital government must be at the top of the list for government organizations as they prioritize technology investments...


The Robots are Coming: Are CEOs Ready for the Era of Automation?
CEOs agree that robotics is going to make their companies more efficient, with 94% of those who've already adopted robotics saying that it's increased productivity in their business...


The 2015 Chief Digital Officer Study
More companies are appointing a Chief Digital Officer to join their C-suite - but are they doing it quickly enough?...


18th Annual Global CEO Survey
The United States has overtaken China as top target for growth for the first time in five years...

25 October 2017 | ITSM
Oil & Gas CEOs Will Invest in Data Analytics and Cognitive Technology to Achieve Growth
Despite commitment to emerging technologies, CEOs are concerned that implementation will create challenges.......
24 October 2017 | ITSM
2017 Law Firms Survey
It's time for change as competition stiffens and IoT era evolves.......
23 October 2017 | ITSM
Consumer Tracker Q3 2017
Consumer confidence rallies amid debt and inflation worries.......
20 October 2017 | ITSM
Survey of Federal Government Executives
First-of-its-kind survey highlights issues impacting government executives and steps leaders can take to address them.......
19 October 2017 | ITSM
Strengthening Digital Society Against Cyber Shocks
Organisations are failing to prepare effectively for cyberattacks.......
18 October 2017 | ITSM
10 Mega Trends - Driving the Future of Payments
Study analyzes consumer behaviors and predicts top trends set to change the payments industry.......
17 October 2017 | ITSM
Survey Finds Consumers are Bargain Hunting all Year Round
US consumers more reluctant to shop during peak holiday shopping days and more likely to purchase online than in stores.......
16 October 2017 | ITSM
CFO Survey: Optimism Rebounds from Post-Election Hit
Uncertainty eases and optimism shifts back to levels seen last year.......
13 October 2017 | ITSM
Worldwide Public Cloud Services Revenue to Reach $260 Billion in 2017
Strong SaaS and IaaS performance is driving growth in 2017.......
12 October 2017 | ITSM
Young Workers Index 2017
Young workers face increased challenges in an age of automation.......
11 October 2017 | ITSM
Three Scale Accelerators to Drive Digital Transformation
CIOs trying to lead digital transformation at the speed needed to succeed need a mix of three scale accelerators, according to Gartner.......
10 October 2017 | ITSM
Outsmarting Grid Security Threats
Many utilities believe cyberattacks could bring down the electric distribution grid in the next five years.......
9 October 2017 | ITSM
Three Keys for Organizations to Gain Value From Information
Infonomics, the latest Gartner book, provides the foundation and methods for quantifying information asset value and tactics for using information as your competitive edge to drive growth.......
6 October 2017 | ITSM
Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2018
Gartner highlight the top strategic technology trends that will impact most organizations in 2018.......
4 October 2017 | ITSM
Top Predictions for IT Organizations and Users in 2018 and Beyond
Gartner reveal its top predictions for IT Organizations and Users in 2018 and beyond.......
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