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Digital Health Technology Vision 2018
Health organizations are embracing intelligent technologies but must do more to prepare for societal impact...

Ten Strategic Technology Trends for Government
Technologies that enable new service models for digital government must be at the top of the list for government organizations as they prioritize technology investments...


The Robots are Coming: Are CEOs Ready for the Era of Automation?
CEOs agree that robotics is going to make their companies more efficient, with 94% of those who've already adopted robotics saying that it's increased productivity in their business...


The 2015 Chief Digital Officer Study
More companies are appointing a Chief Digital Officer to join their C-suite - but are they doing it quickly enough?...


18th Annual Global CEO Survey
The United States has overtaken China as top target for growth for the first time in five years...

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Publications From TSO the Official Publisher of ITIL and PRINCE2 Online Now

You can now purchase all your TSO

(formerly HMSO) publications

covering Project Management, Service

Management, Risk Management,

Programme Management, Legislation,

Medical, Government, Parliamentary

Papers and many more through

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ITIL v3 Core Publications 

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Service Strategy - ITIL v3 Publication           Service Transition - ITIL v3 Publication           Service Design - ITIL v3 Publication 

   Service Strategy                 Service Transition               Service Design  


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                   Service Operation - ITIL v3 Publication                    Continual Service Improvement - ITIL v3 Publication

                    Service Operation               Continual Service Improvement 

The OGC 

The Office of Government Commerce (OGC) is an independent office of HM Treasury, established to help Government deliver best value from its spending. 

The OGC has the skills, experience and knowledge to help you run your programmes and projects more productively and efficiently, whatever organisation you work for.   

Practitioner & Strategic Level Guidance 


PRINCE2 2009



Project Management

The latest version of 'Managing Successful Projects with PRINCE2' represents an evolution of the previous manuals.

Project Management - PRINCE2™ 2009 Publications

Programme & Project Management Publications


Service Management - ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library)



Service Management

ITIL is the most widely accepted approach to IT service management in the world. Providing a cohesive set of best practice guidance drawn from the public and private sectors across the world, it has recently undergone a major and important refresh project.

IT Service Management (ITSM) derives enormous benefits from a best practice approach. Because ITSM is driven both by technology and the huge range of organisational environments in which it operates, it is in a state of constant evolution. Best practice, based on expert advice and input from ITIL users is both current and practical, combining the latest thinking with sound, common sense guidance.

ITIL Publications


 Management of Risk


Risk Management

Every organisation must find the right balance between opportunities and threats in managing its risks. M_o_R takes a best practice approach, which offers a structured and effective framework for risk management. Its aim is to help organisations to achieve their objectives by first identifying the risks, and then choosing the right response to the threats and opportunities that are created by uncertainty.

Management of Risk (M_o_R) Publications


Managing Successful Programmes



Programme Management

Combining rigour and flexibility, Managing Successful Programmes (MSP) helps all organisations - public sector and private, large and small - achieve successful outcomes from their programme management time and time again. With change a pressing reality for all organisations, successful programme management has never been more vital to success. Organisations must respond as new processes or services are introduced, supplier relationships alter and structures adapt to market forces or legislation.

Managing Successful Programmes (MSP) Publications

Programme & Project Management Publications





P3 Office - P3O

Portfolio, Programme and Project Offices (P3O) is the latest guidance from OGC. It was published in November 2008 and will be accompanied by a qualification scheme.

Portfolio, Programme and Project Offices (P3O) Publications


IS Management Guides Collection





IS Management

Produced by the OGC, the government department responsible for ensuring projects run efficiently, the 'IS Management and Business Change Guides' provide invaluable real-world experience in government and beyond. Each guide is structured in a clear, step-by-step way that sets out the issues, questions and techniques relevant to each stage.

IS Management and Business Change Guides 


SSADM Foundation

Business Systems Development (BSD)

SSADM (Structured Systems Analysis and Design Method) shows how all the products and techniques of a computer development project can be brought together within a complete method (SSADM).

Business Systems Development with SSADM - CD-ROM 


British Standards Institution (BSI)



British Standards Institution

The British Standards Institution is now the world's leading standards and quality services organisation. Formed in 1901 and incorporated under Royal Charter in 1929, BSI is the oldest national standards-making body in the world.

The British Standards Institution - Key Publications


British Retail Consortium

British Retail Consortium (BRC)

The BRC publish globally recognised Standards for best practice in product safety for Food, Packaging, Consumer Products, Storage & Distribution and Non-Genetically Modified Food. These Standards are the market leaders and provide a framework upon which many retailers, global brand owners and manufacturers use for their supplier assessment programme and due diligence defence support.  BRC Standards ensure best practice standards are developed, implemented and maintained.

BRC Global Standards publications  


British Pharmacopoeia

The Pharmacopoeia Series: Complete Assurance

Produced by the British Pharmacopoeia Commission Secretariat, The British Pharmacopoeia (BP) 2010 is the leading collection of standards for UK medicinal products and pharmaceutical substances.

Now used in almost 100 countries, the BP remains an essential reference for all individuals and organisations working within pharmaceutical research and development, manufacture, and testing across the globe.

The Pharmacopoeia series is the only authoritative collection of standards for medicines and is an essential reference point for everyone involved in their research, development or manufacture. With legislation constantly changing, the Pharmacopoeia can assure you of complete compliance.

The Pharmacopoeias are more than comprehensive reference documents. They contain user-friendly features which bring wide-ranging benefits to anyone manufacturing or testing pharmaceuticals.

Used extensively within the pharmaceutical and chemical industries, quality control, chemical analysis, the government and academia, they have been designed as reliable, comprehensive and flexible research and reference tools. As well as standards checking, it is equally important for method and product testing, and raw material specification.

Click here to view full range of pharmacopoeias 



  International Organisations & Their Publications 

 Council of Europe



 Europa/Routledge Reference

 European Union




 International Atomic Energy Agency

 International Court of Justice

 International Monetary Fund


 Nordic Council of Ministers




 United Nations

 US Stats (Bernan Press)

 World Bank

 World Health Organization

 World Tourism Organization



  Business & Finance Publications 


 Bankruptcy & Insolvency

 British Retail Consortium



 Competition Commission Reports

 Consumer Protection


 Financial Services Authority


 Global Finance

 HM Revenue & Customs

 HR & Training

 Information, Media & Communication

 Investment & Finance

 Investors in People


 National Statistics

 OGC (Office of Government Commerce)

 Personal Finance

 Public Procurement Opportunities

 Small Business



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  Computing Publications 




 Internet & Intranet

 Networking & Communications

 Operating Systems & GUIs

 Operating Systems & Hardware


 Software Packages

 Theory of Computing



  Medical & Health Publications   

 Medicine & Health  

 Clinical & Internal

 Commission for Health Improvement

 Complementary Medicine

 Evidence-based Health Guidance

 Gateway Review Estates and Facilities Division

 General Issues

 Health and Work

 Health Services & Systems


 Medical Research

 Mental Health

 Musculoskeletal Problems

 National Minimum Standards and Regulations

 Nursing & Ancillary Services



 Public Health



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