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 Round Table
11 March 2009 | IPTV ITSM
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CMDB World Exclusive - CMDB Roundtable - View Video
Exclusive CMDB Roundtable, chaired by Paul Gostick, he poses some challenging questions to the CMDB panel..

Ensuring consistent availability of IT infrastructure and applications is becoming ever more important, any unexpected downtime can result in real business consequences – financial losses, customer satisfaction issues and damage to reputation.

The Configuration Management Database (CMDB) originates from the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL). It is a database repository that contains all relevant information about the authorised components of the information systems and the relationships between those components, used to deliver an organisation's IT services. It is generally understood that a good CMDB helps to prevent outages through effective change impact analysis and can reduce Mean Time to Repair (MTTR) using root cause analysis should an outage occur.

But for all the apparent good, CMDBs are an emotive subject and there is much debate as to whether they can be achieved and if so should they be centralized or federated?

To get the latest answers and insights and bring together all sides of the debate, ITP teamed up with the itSMF UK to bring you this exclusive CMDB video roundtable with the leading experts from vendors, analysts, government, professional bodies, training organisations and end users including the OGC, NHS, itSMF, Bloor, Gartner, HP, IBM, CA and many more...

ITP brings together the who's who in CMDB to participate in the roundtable, chaired by Paul Gostick and he poses some challenging questions to:

*    Shirley Lacy - ConnectSphere - Managing Director
*    Majid Iqbal - Gartner - Senior Director Consulting
*    John Dixon - GlaxoSmithKline - Director CMS
*    Kevin Holland - Service Management Head of Service Quality Improvement - NHS Connecting for Health
*    Ken Turbitt - SMCG Ltd - President & CEO
*    Roger Southgate - COBIT Development Group & President IT Governance Standards ISACA
*    David Norfolk - Practice Leader - Development at Bloor
*    Don Page - Marval - CEO
*    Frances Scarff - The Office of Government Commerce (OGC) - Products Manager
*    Dr. Jim White - Managed Objects - Business Technologist
*    Robert Stroud - CA - Director Brand Strategy
*    David Cannon - HP - ITSM Practice Principal
*    Ivor Macfarlane - IBM - IT Service Management Evangelist     

To find out what the experts said and to find out what you should be doing for your organisation tune into this exclusive video brought to you by ITP.

To view this Exclusive CMDB roundtable video click on this link.


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