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24 August 2009 | Dr Jenny Dugmore Blog
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Silly Season
This week Jenny shares with you a quiz that tests to see if you are fit enough to run the UK Government...

I’m back working on some of the projects that arose from the last ISO Plenary meeting of WG25, the group that looks after ISO/IEC 20000.  A lot of initiatives are underway including the early stages of a joint project developing guidance on the integrated implementation of ISO/IEC 27001 (information security) and ISO/IEC 20000 (service management). This will be numbered ISO/IEC 27013 and therefore be part of the 27000 series.  I think this is an excellent initiative as the two subjects are so closely liked and so many organisations implement and are audited against both at the same time.  I am really pleased that this work is going ahead, despite the complications of it crossing ISO committee boundaries.  I’ve even volunteered to be a co-editor, having once said I’d not be an editor ever again, having done it for 18 years at national level.  Never say never again?  

We are also about to start work on the ad hoc work of mapping ISO and non-ISO service management best practices (such as ITIL and COBIT) – a big step forward and if not completely unprecedented, relatively unusual because it doesn’t just cross ISO committees it involves other organisations.  Again an excellent initiative, especially from the view point of delivering what our ‘customers’ want – integrated best practices for service management. 

So I have a busy few months ahead fitting in the day job as well as this ISO work.  Just for now though I’ve had a few days off and had a chance to actually catch up on some things, including reading the news in a bit more detail. 

It’s the ‘silly season’ for news, when Parliament is not sitting and most people (including journalists) are on holiday so there tends to be less hard news and more light-weight fillers.  For example, the many references to ‘Squash’ the python that ate ‘Wilbur’ the cat.  All very distressing to those closely involved, especially the cat, but not something you would normally see in the mainstream national press. 

I’ve also come across an online quiz that tests how fit you are to run the UK Government (well, I did say it was the silly season for news).  Click on this link If you fancy your chances

This quiz was triggered by the UK press noticing and commenting that, in our Prime Minister’s absence, three people have taken a turn as stand in.

I got over the minimum they said was necessary to do the job, but didn’t answer all the questions correctly.  I didn’t know the name of the cat that lives in Downing Street.  I knew it wasn’t Humphrey (dead a few years ago), I guessed it was not Margaret (politically insensitive choice of name for a Downing Street cat). The last two choices were Basil or Sybil and I guessed the wrong one. To me both of them seemed as unlikely a name for a cat as did the name Wilbur. 

I was also unsure how to answer the question on how I would handle ‘a member of my cabinet plotting against me’.  I could not decide if I should answer as the real me or how I thought a politician would answer.  The options were very different which says something about my views of politicians. 

So now I’m back to the real world of service management, with no pythons or cats and no role in Downing Street.   

Any feedback and comments are always welcome!


26th August 2009

Hi Jenny

Well at least you got over the minimum. I scored 5 out of 10 which I guess is OK for someone who lives 12,000 miles away and isn’t sure who the current Speaker is.

Thanks for the entertaining read!

Claire Brereton


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