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5 October 2010 | Alim Ozcan Blog
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2010 Annual Computer Weekly Awards
This week Alim looks at how social networking tools are continuing to change the perception that people have of IT professionals...

  Alim Ozcan

I can hardly believe it has been a year already since the last annual Computer Weekly awards. I was honoured to have received a sufficient number of nominations and votes which led me to win the Consultant Award and although I would hope to be nominated again, I also thought that it would be a good opportunity to ask the question: what are the benefits of such awards to both the nominee and the nominators?

My opinion is that thought leadership expressed through blogs, tweets and other mediums is good for the industry because people involved in IT often receive bad publicity and it is therefore in all of our interests to demonstrate the improving maturity of the industry whenever we get the opportunity to do so. Hence, hosting awards and celebrating success is good business practice and I would therefore encourage more people to devote some time every week/month to write down their views and publish these to their peers.

The following examples of headlines illustrate the stigma frequently associated with the IT industry:

  • People were over-taxed because of a new ‘IT’ system
  • Shoppers could not use their credit cards because of a change to the ‘IT’ system
  • There were flight delays because the ‘IT’ system crashed

Of course there are times when it is the IT system that has caused the major incident but I also think that there must have been numerous occasions where the cause lay elsewhere and that it was perhaps convenient to blame it on the IT system! What do you think? I believe that social networking tools are continuing to change the perception that people have of IT professionals and there will come a day where it will be unacceptable to suggest it is the IT system that is to blame, without at the same time asking the question, what business-related processes and procedures were followed in either implementing or using that system?

Furthermore, I would go on to suggest that if the business processes were better, or if the people operating the systems were skilled appropriately, then perhaps there would have been more instances where the problem could have been prevented, which leads me to surmise that the integrated adoption of Service Management across all industries would help an organisation focus on People and Processes rather than IT systems. This would subsequently result in fit-for-purpose systems and an IT industry that was respected as being closely aligned to business.

Finally, we all appreciate recognition and what better encouragement for a writer than his or her readers taking the time to nominate them. It is inspiring and motivating and I also think that it highlights a community spirit which has numerous direct and indirect advantages. I hope that you are enjoying reading my blogs and that you will take the time to nominate me as well as the fellow bloggers of this site. 


Feedback and comments are always welcome! 

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