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5 December 2013 | Ken Turbitt Blog
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The Common Language Revolution
This week Ken returns from holiday and explains how a voice box translator could dramatically change our lives and world we live in...

  Ken Turbitt

Why is it when you return from a holiday, after about 24hours it feels like you’ve been back a month and the holiday is nothing more than a distant memory?

I was away for 2 weeks in the Dominican Republic with some friends, the weather was great and we all had a very relaxing time. The run up to the holiday was very busy with work, family and socially (my Birthday), so I was ready for it. Complete with Kindle in hand and the thrillers downloaded I was ready to go.

Upon my arrival, the staff at the hotel were all locals and spoke Spanish really well (their native tongue), but not so good at English! This got me thinking that what we need in addition to Google Glasses, is a voice translator that sits on your voicebox (throat) and translates what you speak into the native language you set it to.  This really would change the world and how we interact within it.

Not only would it make us more mobile (workers could move to other countries without issue), but like travel, it would make the world smaller still and open up untold opportunities. The technology exists in elements today, it just needs someone to put it all together and turn it into something wearable and workable.

Imagine getting off a plane in China and setting your device to Chinese and talking to all you meet as if they were your next door neighbours at home. Holidays would be transformed, but businesses would be better integrated to trade and perform. One could decide to relocate to the South of France and not worry about the language, knowing you could be understood and certainly not ignored or ill-treated because you could not speak French. Our lives and world would dramatically change. The common language revolution! 

If you know where I can get this technology, let me know! If it’s not available, let’s work on a new business and make a killing…..

Any feedback and comments are always welcome!

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